Consulting / Guidance

ITL - Israel Testing Laboratories

Consulting and Guidance

ITL is an expert body offering guidance for Israeli manufacturers in all matters pertaining to technological compliance with the specifications of standards agencies from around the world, such as Safety, EMC, Radio, Telecom, Environmental, Functionality testing, HazLoc, Reliability and others.

Meet with us to gain knowledge on early preparations for compliance with the regulatory requirements of the target country, a process which will save you precious time in foreign customs warehouses and in obtaining the necessary standard documentation, without which the product cannot be marketed in the target country.

In order to keep up to date with recent developments in you market, we encourage you to attend our quarterly seminars and events, and keep in touch with us via our newsletter distribution list (link to registration form). In addition, you are always welcome to contact us (link to form) with a specific question, and one of our experts will get back to you.


The Process: Bringing Products to the Market!

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Your product or idea, defining its specifications, design requirements and target markets ITL helps you learn and assess the specific needs and regulatory requirements for certifying your product ITL performs all of the required tests according to the relevant industry standards for your product ITL provides the relevant certification according to your target markets and product requirements Your product is now approved and ready to be introduced in your target markets.