ITL - Israel Testing Laboratories

Environmental & Reliability

ITL provides a vast range of Environmental Testing services: Military, Medical, Datacom, Alarm, Machinery, Consumer Products & more.
ITL provides tests for the reliability of systems & components. There are requirements to analyze the systems & components in the environment that they are expose to and in a simulated life cycle.
The reliability of the systems & components has an impact beginning in the first stages of the product design.


The environmental testing helps to reduce the cost of the Design, Production and Service:

  • Systems, Subsystems, Components – to prevent influence on surrounding environment.
  • Prototype – to minimize failures and challenges before manufacturing and before the product is on the market.
  • Reliability – to reduce failed product returns from customer. To enlarge the MTBF.
  • Identification of failures – ESS/HALT in production line. Identify failures before the product is moved to mass production.


Addition benefits for environmental testing and simulation:

  • Verification of theoretical calculations and analysis.
  • Analyze products which have been returned from customers with failures.
  • ITL experienced team can support specialized customer tailored testing in accordance with R&D or product life cycle needs.

At ITL Environmental Labs you can find a Professional & Expert team that can give the dedicated service in  vast area like:

  • Solar Radiation
  • IK
  • Flammability
  • Glow Wire
  • UL-94 & else categories of UL
  • Impact
  • Special tests
  • Quality Test Report (QTR) – Writing & Inspection
  • Review & examination test results
  • Quality Test Plan (QTP) – Writing, Guidance & Review
  • Testing to unique customer specification
  • Providing regulatory & compliance solutions for systems and global access
  • Reliability system tests
  • Thermal analysis
  • Performance & endurance testing
  • Qualification testing
  • ESS/HALT tests – Accelerated life test
  • Vibration testing
  • Transportation testing
  • Simulation of Accelerated tests
  • Shock testing
  • Free fall testing
  • Temperature & Humidity testing
  • IP/NEMA testing
  • Salt fog testing
  • Dust testing
  • Pressure & Vacuum testing
  • Temperature & Altitude testing
  • Temperature Shock testing
  • Icing/Thaw testing
  • Rain testing
  • Explosive Atmosphere testing
  • Radiation testing
  • Contamination by fluids testing

ITL is accredited to perform testing with – MIL, ETSI, EN, NEBS, IEC, ISO, UN standards

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