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Global Market Access – GMA

Selling your products globally, requires navigating the regulatory landscape of global markets is a complex and challenging task.

GMA is essential for your business

As a manufacturer, importer, trader or retailer, looking to increase your sales and revenue potential by accessing global markets, wishing to bring electrical and electronics to the global market, you will face challenges with technical regulation compliance.
In the absence of coordinated standards and requirements, as well as different national standards in different countries of the world, manufacturers need to be aware of the regulations for each country or region to which they wish to apply.

Most countries and jurisdictions impose specific technical restrictions such as product testing, certification and shipping requirements and more. The regulatory frameworks are also very complex and are constantly being expanding and updated.

ITL will assist you in bringing electrical and electronic products to market in different countries and will act as your representative with the authorities and certification bodies.

ITL will save you time and aggravation in the complex and lengthy process which often times involves delays by regulators in the various target countries. 

One Stop Shop – Speed to Market: 

Guidance, Testing, Certification and Project Management.

  • Guidance – ITL provides guidance on regulatory requirements for each country’s certification conditions and target markets.
  • Tests – ITL performs product testing in accordance with required testing standards. ITL is accredited to ISO 17025 by A2LA under ILAC – MRA and IECEE CB Scheme.
  • Certification – ITL will Certify your products and work under MOU with global certification’s bodies as needed. ITL is accredited to ISO 17065 by A2LA under IAF-MRA and IECEE CB Scheme
  • Project Management – ITL prepares applications on your behalf and is your liaison between regulators, government organizations and various certification bodies.
  • Follow-up – ITL conducts follow-up with the relevant authorities and certification bodies, as well as assist in training your staff on technical standards used to implement the regulations. ITL will perform Factory Inspection for you globally as needed.
  • Update – ITL provides updates on the latest regulatory changes.

Global Coverage

ITL will help you effectively navigate global markets and manage your international compliance processes in countries: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Brazil the Middle East, Australia New Zealand and more.
ITL has the recognition and strategic partnerships worldwide, and the ability to offer you quality assurance that includes testing and certification while tailoring customized solutions to meet the variety of requirements for all target markets.

Total Solutions

Whether you’re interested in one country or multiple markets across the world, ITL takes an integrated and customized service approach to meet all of your product compliance needs.
ITL’s global service package provides the complete compliance solution spanning the entire process and across multiple regulations such as those for safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), radio/wireless and energy efficiency, etc.

Using ITL Global Market Access, as your agent, to the target countries relive you the burden and the cost of doing it in-house expediting your global market access.