Natural gas

ITL - Israel Testing Laboratories

The transition to natural gas as a major energy source in Israel is an enterprise of national importance due to its economic, environmental and political advantages.

With the progress of deployment of the natural gas distribution infrastructure in Israel, and the need to facilitate the permits to connect to the natural gas network, ITL was certified by the Israel Laboratory Accreditation Authority and the Ministry of Economics as an inspection body in the field of natural gas.

The company has been certified to the following standards:

  • SI 6464 – Connection of end consumers to the natural gas network
    SI 6236 – Connection of natural gas filling stations to the natural gas grid
  • ITL provides the services of an inspection body (IB) to plants and businesses that connect to the transmission and distribution system of natural gas.

In addition, the company provides accompaniment and guidance services to these enterprises and businesses, in order to streamline the process of conversion or connection and approval.
The work is carried out with strict professionalism, high service and customer support.

Some of our clients are:

ICL, with all its factories, Soroka Hospital, Paz Lubricants, OPC Hedera, Chemicals-Israel, various food plants and others.

We invite you to join our clientele and enjoy our services.

Ophir Gamliel, CEO, ITL – Read more >