ITL - Israel Testing Laboratories

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ITL offers testing, evaluation and certification for semiconductor manufacturing equipment and clean-room equipment to SEMI S2, S22, S14, S10, S8, F47, among others.

ITL is highly experienced in SEMI evaluation and testing for products involved, for example

  • in wafer/substrate handling
  • cutting
  • polishing
  • dissecting
  • measuring
  • statistical particle quantity measurement
  • component board pick-and-place machines
  • UV and mask
  • preparation units and ovens

Experience you can Trust

  • An experienced staff dealing with all Safety, EMC and Environmental aspects for SEMI equipment.
  • A complete turn-key solution covering all applicable aspects: laser (FDA and CE), ergonomics/human factors, acoustic noise, non-ionizing emissions (e.g UV, IR, magnetic and static fields, ELF), SEMI level radio emissions, Ionizing radiation, ozone production, flammability testing, environment toxicity, hazardous substances and others.
  • An expert team dedicated to the area of SEMI equipment.
  • Guidance services to relevant standards during the design and development
  • A project coordinator for each customer who activates the various project tasks and field specialists.
  • A pre-compliance evaluation (preliminary product construction review)
  • Risk assessments at preliminary stage available.
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